The design of light robot was one the one hand to get a low weight, but on the other hand the design parts have to be able to work as a damper and protect the electronic and the entire robot of damage while hitting something or falling down.
The hip and the backbone were milled out of one part of wood and were strengthened by fiber glass and carbon. Afterwards, the hip/backbone part was attached at the skeleton of the upper body of the robot (Fig. 7). This part is used as a fixing for all other design parts of the upper body and the head.
The other design parts are made of banded copper wire also strengthened by fiber glass and glue. This allows the design-parts to act like a damper while reducing the weight. This is realized by a bar frame out of this wires combined with a machine clothing made out of nylon. This bar frame protects the robot and its environment. The same parts are used at the legs and the arms. To make realize the fixing of the parts, it is made up of two halves. One is attached to the robot, the other one can be connected with the help of magnets.
The head is also milled out of one wood part. The display of the robot is made of plexiglas. The shoes are made out of plastic.